This collection had its origins in South Africa during the late 1950s/early 1960s when the founder first started preserving dead reptiles and amphibians. From 1968 the collection began to expand on a more organised basis with the labelling of specimens and data entry into a numbered catalogue. The collection moved repeatedly, from Hillary, Durban to Northdene, back to Hillary, then to Cedara, then Merrivale and then to Hilton. In 1999, the owner relocated to the United Kingdom, moved most of the smaller specimens to Durban and left the larger specimens in Hilton to be collected later. An unfortunate incident then took place. This was the disappearance without trace of the larger specimens from the premises where they were stored. The whereabouts of the missing specimens has still not been established and it should probably be presumed that they have been destroyed. Subsequently, most of the chameleon specimens were transferred to the United Kingdom under cover of CITES permits.While loans from the collection have been provided to researchers and for academic teaching in the past, unfortunately the current situation prevents any further loans until new arrangements can be made.


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