Documenting the diversity of Africa’s reptile and amphibian fauna

Compiler’s note:

This checklist has been compiled through extensive use of the invaluable resources provided by Darryl Frost for the Amphibia and Peter Uetz for the Reptilia. Please refer to Darryl Frost’s Amphibian Species of the World or Peter Uetz’s THE REPTILE DATABASE for further details of distribution, synonomy and authorship of the taxa concerned. The present compilation excludes the Indian Ocean islands of the Malagasy subregion although we hope to add these in due course.

Any errors or omissions in this checklist are solely the responsibility of the compiler and do not reflect on the original sources of the material. Taxonomy changes as our knowledge base is refined and expanded so do not regard this checklist as either final or definitive.



Order: Anura

Family: Arthroleptidae

Family: Astylosternidae

Family: Bufonidae

Family: Discoglossidae

Family: Heleophrynidae

Family: Hemisotidae

Family: Hylidae

  • Subfamily: Hylinae

Family: Hyperoliidae

  • Subfamily: Hyperoliinae
  • Subfamily: Kassininae
  • Subfamily: Leptopelinae

Family: Microhylidae

  • Subfamily: Brevicipitinae
  • Subfamily: Melanobatrachinae
  • Subfamily: Phrynomerinae

Family: Pelobatidae

Family: Petropedetidae

Family: Pipidae

  • Subfamily: Dactylethrinae

Family: Ranidae

Family: Rhacophoridae

  • Subfamily: Rhacophorinae

Order: Caudata
Family: Salamandridae

Order: Gymnophiona
Family: Caeciliidae

  • Subfamily: Caeciliinae

Family: Scolecomorphidae

Subclass: Anapsida
Order: Testudines
Suborder: Cryptodira
Superfamily: Testudinoidea
Family: Testudinidae

Superfamily: Trionychoidea
Family: Trionychidae

Superfamily: Chelonioidea
Family: Cheloniidae
Family: Dermochelyidae

Suborder: Pleurodira
Superfamily: Pelomedusoidea
Family: Pelomedusidae

  • Subfamily: Pelomedusinae

Subclass: Lepidosauria
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Sauria (Lacertilia)
Infraorder: Iguania

Family: Agamidae

  • Subfamily: Agaminae
  • Subfamily: Leiolepinae

Family: Chamaeleonidae

Infraorder: Gekkota
Family: Gekkonidae

  • Subfamily: Eublepharinae
  • Subfamily: Gekkoninae

Infraorder: Scincomorpha
Family: Cordylidae
Family: Gerrhosauridae

  • Subfamily: Gerrhosaurinae

Family: Lacertidae

  • Subfamily: Gallotiinae
  • Subfamily: Lacertinae

Family: Scincidae

Infraorder Diploglossa
Family Anguidae

  • Subfamily Anguinae

Infraorder: Platynota (Varanoidea)
Family: Varanidae

Suborder: Amphisbaenia
Family: Amphisbaenidae
Family: Trogonophidae

Suborder: Ophidia (Serpentes)
Superfamily: Typhlopoidea (Scolecophidia)
Family: Typhlopidae
Family: Leptotyphlopidae (Glauconiidae)

Superfamily: Henophidia (Boidea)
Family: Boidae

  • Subfamily: Erycinae
  • Subfamily: Pythoninae

Superfamily: Xenophidia (Colubroidea = Caenophidia)
Family: Atractaspididae

  • Subfamily: Atractaspidinae
  • Subfamily: Aparallactinae

Family: Colubridae

  • Subfamily: “Boodontinae”
  • Subfamily: Colubrinae
  • Subfamily: Psammophiinae
  • Subfamily: Natricinae

Family: Elapidae
Family: Hydrophiidae
Family: Viperidae

Subclass: Archosauria
Order: Crocodylia
Suborder: Eusuchia
Family: Crocodylidae


Originally compiled 05 January 2003; partial update (Chamaeleonidae) October 2008: Layout revised May 2012. Please report any errors or omissions to Webmaster.

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